Playful Transformation with Michal Spiegelman, Life Coach

Creating Profound Personal Change with Ease and Light

I’m Michal Spiegelman. Glad you’re here! As a life-coach, teacher & speaker I guide people in creating playful transformation in their lives. Let's get started…

I now feel empowered and energized, getting up every day knowing that I’m doing what I was designed to do.

I knew I needed help, I felt an overwhelming sense of "what now?" and my biggest fear was that I would live this life not meeting my full potential. Michal helped me sort through possibilities, options, and emotions associated with work and home life changes.

bevalee-vitali ~ Dr. Bevalee Vitali, Associate Professor of Business, Memphis, TN

You have helped me shift the focus from being fearful to stepping into my gift and being in service of the world.

Standing back and looking at the radical change in my attitude, my focus, and ultimately my practice coaching and teaching the Enneagram, is amazing! Thank you, Michal, for helping me get my feet on the ground, my thoughts more clear, and my heart more open to possibility.

~ Nan Henson, Enneagram Coach, Spiritual Director, Atlanta, GA

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