Life Coaching

Private Coaching

Law of Being Coaching Program

Law of Being

Get inspired and empowered to change!

Our premium Coaching Program will help you to tap into your true potential, find out exactly who you are and your life’s purpose so you can create a balanced, fulfilled life.

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Balance in Action coaching program

Balance in Action

Get focused and motivated to change!

Our most popular Coaching Program  will teach you powerful tools and strategies to achieve your goals and to have the freedom to choose and create your life in the moment.

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Group Coaching

The Big Shift… From Stress to Balance

Conquer your barriers and master your game-plan for a balanced and fulfilling life. Join our 8-week program and a supportive online community of women to take control over your life.

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I was able to see clearly the belief systems I needed to shift in order to begin creating success in my life.

The greatest benefit: there are just times in life when you need a professional coach to support you and help keep you focused and consistently moving forward toward manifesting your dreams.

Dawn Goforth-Kelly
Dawn Goforth-Kelly, Zebulon, Georgia

I have a more positive approach to life situations, better relationships and a much happier outlook.

The Law of Being program is a great resource, and Michal is a wonderful guide through the process… After working with Michal, I find I have more energy to do what I really want and less worry about all the things I ‘should’ be doing.

Laura Davis
Laura Davis, Atlanta, Georgia

The results are truly amazing!

Coaching enabled me to identify mental and emotional blocks that were limiting my growth and my energy level. With Michal’s support, I broke through these blocks and now have a whole new sense of focus and a renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Dennis Tygart
Dennis Tygart, Atlanta, Georgia

I am ready to live up to my potential and to share my gifts with the world.

I am so grateful to Michal for helping me unlock my potential… I am really looking forward to each day now. I wake up ready to face the world with love and compassion, strength and honesty.

Jennifer Paugh
Jennifer Paugh, Tampa, Florida

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