Balance Tip: Don’t play the Blame Game

Don't play the Blame Game!Imagine this. Something goes wrong. We get frustrated, angry. Then what?

We need someone to blame. That’s easy, much easier than fixing the issue! We know who’s at fault and where they messed up.

We get caught up the Blame Game… He shouldn’t have done that! Doesn’t she know that’s not right? We might even add a side of victimization too…. why is this happening to me? Why is she doing this? Why isn’t he helping?

We find all the reasons in the world to justify ourselves, and we know exactly what the other person needs to do. Right?

Playing the “Blame Game” is draining. Clean your side of the street and take your energy back.  (Tweet this!)

Instead of solving the other person’s issues, shift your focus to yourself.

What is your part?

What can you do to make the situation better?

You can’t control other people’s thoughts, feelings or actions but you can take responsibility over yours.

The Bottom Line: When you stop playing the “Blame Game” you take your energy back.
Ask: How can I take responsibility and change my thoughts, feelings and actions?
Affirm: I shift my focus from other to myself and I clean my side of the street.

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