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Reiki Training

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From the Blog

What your invisible flag says about you

What your invisible flag says about you

How do you present yourself to the world? What is the core message that you communicate to the world? What type of energy are you feeling from the world around you?

Not only does the universe hear your thoughts and words, it also picks up your energetic message and ensures that more of the same will be delivered to you. Positive energy attracts positive energy; negative energy attracts… more negative energy!

As children, we were like sponges, absorbing ideas and beliefs from our parents, society, teachers, media and more. Past experiences and our reaction to them are stored in our body, including negative emotions. Things happen in the present that trigger those memories, and our present reaction is often controlled by our past experiences.

Imagine that all your past experiences are condensed into a phrase or a statement that is written on an invisible flag that you carry with you everywhere you go.

Recently, I’ve been ...

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What Every Woman Must Know about Dealing with Stress

Many women feel like life is too stressful. Recently, I asked some women: What is your biggest stressor in life? I chose the most common answers, and I will answer them one by one. I didn’t change the description of the stressors. I hope my recommendations for dealing with stress will inspire you and these insights will help you change your reaction to stress.

Biggest Stressor # 1:

I don’t value myself. I don’t put my self-care ahead of everyone else I take care of. My Recommendation:

Guilt is an unhealthy emotion being expressed by women in many different forms: viewing self-care as being selfish, feeling more comfortable giving than receiving, not accepting help, and thinking about others before thinking about self.

It is vitally important to identify our beliefs around self-care and to challenge those beliefs.

Do you help others when they need it or when you need it?

How does it affect your energy level ...

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