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From the Blog

Beating Holiday Stress Tip #3: Have Fun

by on December 21, 2014

beating holiday stress tip - have fun

Is it even possible to have fun in the holidays? If someone were to write a book describing your holidays, would it be titled “Getting Things Done this Holiday Season” or “Having Fun this Holiday Season”?

In our world, many people measure their success by how much they “get done.” and not by how they feel or how much fun they have. During the month of December we get into a mode of “I have to get all this done by the holidays or else…” We often fall into the new year exhausted and drained because of the amount of pressure we’ve put on ourselves. Even something that can be really fun, like decorating the house, can become a source of stress. I recently heard from a woman how she freaked out when she got her family members to help decorate the house. Stuff was all over, the house was chaotic, and before putting up a single decoration, she was already worrying about the daunting task of taking everything down after the holidays.

Most of us grew up observing and learning from others that having fun is not as important as being productive, accomplishing tasks, and achieving goals. Many people have been ...


Beating Holiday Stress Tip #2: Stop Doing List

by on December 17, 2014

beating holiday stress video 2

What is a Stop Doing List? The last few days I’ve been bombarded with emails, articles, and newsletters, and they all talk about the same topic: avoiding holiday stress and burnout. I can easily get overwhelmed just from reading all of it!  It seems “holiday stress” has become an epidemic. Simply watch a TV commercial. You will see and hear the high-speed, high-level “busyness.” Yes, the background scenes are well “decorated” with perfect trees, gorgeous feasts, and festive Christmas music, but just watching those commercials can wear me out.

To help you feel more joy and less holiday stress, I have created a few short videos where I share FUN and SIMPLE tips that are easy for you to apply.

In this “Beating Holiday Stress” video, I’d like to share with you a very simple practice that can alter your holiday experience: Create a “Stop Doing List.”

Have you been to the mall recently? It is super-packed, no parking, and people are running around like crazy. Stress is in the air! Let’s stop the epidemic and get back to what’s really important.

Wait a minute…you’re thinking that’s just the opposite of what I need! I need to get organized and have a daily “to-do” list. ...


Beating Holiday Stress Tip #1: Change your shoulds to wants

by on December 16, 2014

beating holiday stress

The holidays are a busy and stressful time for many people. Holiday Stress is in the air, and it’s contagious! Even if your intention is to fully enjoy the season despite the stress, there is so much to do during the month of December that it can be overwhelming: attending parties, decorating, baking, gift shopping, card sending, and the list goes on…

The last thing you want is to start the new year completely drained; you want to create some Balanced Moments in your life right now – but how?

To help you feel more joy and less holiday stress, I have created a few short videos where I share FUN and SIMPLE tips that are easy for you to apply.

In the first “Beating Holiday Stress” video, you and I will have a conversation around changing your shoulds to wants.

When you do something because you have to or you “should,” or maybe because it is expected of you, it creates negative energy and it might drain you and make you feel stuck. You can easily get unstuck by changing you attitude to a more positive one.

To shift your negative attitude to more positive so you can get to action, do one ...


Why is self-love so difficult?

by on November 18, 2014

Why is self-love so difficult

In the past, I was driven to be a high-achiever, always striving to create a successful and fulfilled life. Service was one of my most important values, but years of being in service taught me to take care of myself only when everybody else had been taken care of. The problem was that the more I gave to others, the less I gave to myself. I became unhappy and unhealthy, and knew inside that something had to change. It took me years of self-discovery and personal growth to learn the meaning of self-love. From all the years of hard work and discovery, I now have no doubt that self-love is the essence of healthy relationships with others.

Think about it for a minute: when you’re being hard on yourself, when you beat yourself up for something you haven’t done, or even something you have, when you look in the mirror and you don’t love the person you see, can you be as loving, kind, and compassionate as you want to be for others?

You cannot create healthy intimate or even social relationships that satisfy you unless you fall in love with yourself first.

We must ask ourselves, why is it so much easier ...