I want to invite you to create playful transformation in your life.

You might think that there is a paradox between “playful” and “transformation.” There could be. Many of us try to change, fix, control, and create with much effort, trying really hard and pushing our way through life. This is exactly how I lived my life for years, feeling drained from always working so hard on learning and growing.

I’ve learned that when we ALLOW ourselves to grow, focusing on feeling happy, joyous, and free, we can FLIT, FLY, and DANCE through the process and enjoy the journey with LIGHTNESS and EASE.

My name is Michal Spiegelman and  and my passion is helping people balance DOING with BEING, GIVING with RECEIVING, adding Balanced Moments to their life. By doing that they are building their platform for a successful and profound personal change.

Just like a butterfly emerges from the cocoon, expanding into being who it is meant to be so can YOU become fully engaged in the process of your healing and growth and expand into the person you are meant to be with PLAYFULNESS, FREEDOM, and JOY.

Let’s waken to the joy of transformation.
Let’s play, Let’s dance, Let’s fly.